LAB TESTING FACILITY The company has a well-equipped lab to test rubber sheets and rubber components to maintain accurate quality as required by the customer. The quality assurance and technical services laboratory is equipped with the most advanced testing facilities and manned by highly experienced and qualified personnel. The following is the list of measuring and testing equipments at FILCOMPS:

Physical Testing
Tensile Machine
Weighing balance
Specific Gravity Tester
Cinque Terre Tensile and Elongation Thickness Guage Cinque Terre Hardness Tester-IRDH
Cinque Terre Thickness Guage Cinque Terre Specific Gravity Tester
Cinque Terre Weighing Scales Cinque Terre Guages
Cinque Terre Digital Vernier Calipers

Visual Testing
Cinque Terre Magnifing Lens
Cinque Terre Id/Od Guages
Cinque Terre VMS

Chemical Testing

As per the customer specification, tests are carried out in the lab and test reports are attached along with the batch number and manufacturing date on the packing slip to depict the quality of the components and also its traceability. Hence FILCOMPS lab is well equipped to measure and test the following most important characteristics of rubber and rubber components like - Rheo Meter / Mooney VISCO Meter / Carbon Dispersion Analyzer

Cinque Terre Hot Air Oven Cinque Terre Muffle_Furnace
Cinque Terre Compression Set Apparatus Cinque Terre Rheo Meter
Cinque Terre Visco Meter
Cinque Terre Carbon Dispension Analyser

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