Rubber Compounding is the most important component of a high quality molded rubber part. FILCOMPS. is a rubber compounding company that takes pride in producing custom rubber material to the customer's specifications. We can use your formula or one of our proven compounds. We excel in formulating compounds that blend cost and performance.

FILCOMPS. has state of the art rubber mixing equipment. Our rubber compounding lines are fully equipped with kneaders and 2 roller mixing mill with extruder and calendaring machines to suit customer specific requirements.

The compounds care tested in our well-equipped quality assurance and technical services laboratory with the most advanced testing facilities, and manned by an expert staff. The company is fully equipped to carry out various tests like rheo, mooney viscosity, carbon dispersion, tensile strength test, specific gravity test, oil immersion test, compression set, air ageing and ash content.

Our capabilities include the ability to mix Silicone compounds, SBR rubber, Neoprene rubber, Nitrile rubber, Natural Rubber, EPDM rubber as well as most other rubber materials.

We have the rubber technology to insure the consistent, high quality rubber compounds that you expect.

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