From print to part, we pride ourselves on providing turnkey rubber molds. FILCOMPS delivers not just a product, but 100% customer satisfaction and has continuous improvement plans in place that ensure our continued success. We will be there from quote to the end of your tool’s life cycle. Let us be your partner from quote, to prototype, to production.

Compression rubber molds are generally the least expensive of the three types of tooling that are typically used in the rubber industry. Part configuration, material, and estimated run quantities are some of the considerations used to decide the best tooling approach. Compression type tools are often the preferred choice when budget and production quantities are limited.

Our experienced team of engineers and toolmakers has one goal: to efficiently and quickly provide the highest quality products and services, on time, with the highest total value for our customers.


Our in house engineering and design teams use parametric design to create innovative designs featuring compatibility to all components of an assembly. Our customers appreciate us providing solutions to part design and product performance that will positively impact their profitability.

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