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At Filcomps We are one of the best Lathe Cut Gaskets manufacturer in Karnataka, we pride ourselves on being the leading manufacturer of industrial lathe cut gaskets, offering a range of sizes from 20 mm OD up to 130 mm OD based on customer specifications. Our gaskets are crafted from pre-moulded tubes of various rubber types, ensuring high quality and durability. Also known as sealing gaskets, flat gaskets, and square gaskets, these products are available in a variety of compounds to meet diverse application needs. We are the best quality lathe cut gaskets manufacturer in Karnataka. Our Channel Sales Partner Koncept Solution

About Lathe Cut Gaskets

Lathe cut gaskets are used in static applications and serve as an economical and loose-tolerance alternative to moulded gaskets. These gaskets are fabricated from cylindrical tubes of rubber that are extruded, giving a defined inside and outside diameter. The part is specified by the inside diameter and wall thickness, and the tube is machined into different cross-sectional shapes using a precision grinder or lathe-type cutting machine. This process eliminates the need for expensive moulds, providing designers with the flexibility to create gaskets tailored to exact specifications. Filcomps stands out as the premier exporter of rubber gaskets and sealing rings in India.

Lathe Cut Gaskets Manufacturer 
Best Quality Lathe Cut Gaskets
Lathe Cut Gaskets manufacturer in Karnataka
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